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Welcome back everyone! This is MS. DEAL MAKER putting together more great packages for all of you to enjoy. Have you and that special someone ever felt that your room was missing just a little romance. Well, does this gal have the perfect deal for you to spice up that romantic retreat. MMM!!! It makes me warm and fuzzy inside thinking of the love!

I am talking about our great Add on Romance Package for an additional price of $80. You can take any room that you have reserved and add this great package on. This package includes a bottle of red or white wine, commerative corkscrew and 2 wine glasses with our logo, Wine tasting for two at the Goosewatch Winery located in our Alpine Mall and 2 delicious desserts and coffee at the Coff-E-Bean shop. The best part of this add on package is room service for two for breakfast brought right to your door. OHHH! LA! LA! MADAME CUISINE JUST LOVES CHARLIE’S GREAT BREAKFAST. “This ole gal is always cracking the eggs and whipping up the batter for a great homeade breakfast.” “Thanks Madame Cuisine for adding this breakfast to my great package.”

goosewatch.bmp charlies-exterior-704-x-528.jpg

So, you are probably thinking I am crazy for offering all of this great romance to such a small priced package. I am not crazy just excited to make that romantic couple have even a more romantic evening. So, all of you lovebirds please make sure that you add on this great package because you will be sorry if you didn’t. For further information on this and other great packages please visit our website and click on my favorite part of the site packages. Also, please visit to get all the exciting events and happening that are taking place in the Lake Placid area.

Okay, this girl has got to scat to rummage up some more great deals for all of you valued guests. Also, I am flushed and blushing just talking about this great romantic package and the love that I feel for everyone. Nite all!!

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