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Hey everyone what is up! This is RICH your SPORTSCASTER for the GOLDEN ARROW!!!!

Well it is that time of the year again and I have slipped on my hockey skates and headed over to the Olympic Center for some exciting weekend hockey action. Of course, I seem to spend more time on the ice than on my skates putting the puck into the goal!!!

Every weekend from now until the end of April, Lake Placid hosts the Canadian Hockey Enterprise and CAN-AM Hockey Tourneys. These tourneys involve not only children of all ages but also a few weekends of adult action.

I personally love all the exciting games that take place over the weekends as well as enjoying sitting in the stands as a fan. Of course, sitting in the stands I dont get sore feet either. People from all over the Northeast and over the Canadian border come down to Lake Placid to take place in these exciting tournaments.

For more information on these tourneys please visit or and get all the schedules and exciting action taking place.

Until next time this sportscaster is headed to the rink for some much needed practice and hopefully not too many hits in the head by the puck.

See ya

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