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Dogsled Ride and Scenic Flight


Long time no chat everyone, MS DEAL MAKER is here once again to tell you about another spectacular add on to your already enjoyable stay in Lake Placid. I am so proud of all these great packages that I have come up with lately, that I definetly deserve a nice long rest. (AS IF, they will ever let this poor girl get that LOL).


For all of you seeking a little more adventure, enjoyment and relaxation, have I got the perfect package for you. For just $100 per couple, you can partake in our FLY & MUSH ADD ON PACKAGE. This package in the winter season will get you a relaxing dogsled ride right out our backdoor on Mirror Lake, where you can snuggle under furs with that special someone. (Oh, how I wish Mr. Fix-It would take me on one) Well, a girl can dream! Then after you are finished with that activity you can take the SCENIC FLIGHT TOUR of the High Peak’s in the Adirondacks. Then after these two great activities you can skip over to one of my favorites places the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery. You can grab a GROWLER OF BEER from one of their great homemade brewed beverages. (I love the UBU ale. Its yummy) For further info on what the Pub and Brewery has to offer please visit If anyone has any feedback about any of these activities please feel free to drop me a line.


Yes, I know all of you are saying this girl is the dealer of the century and you know what that would be correct. I just want all of our guests to enjoy everything in Placid and relax at the Golden Arrow while saving your pennies. For further information on this package and other great packages please visit So, dont forget just tell the person at the front desk that you want to enjoy the Fly and Mush package and tell them Ms. Deal Maker sent you. This gal is so thirsty talking about the Pub that I think it is time for a livation, maybe Mr. Fix-It will join me. (hehe)

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