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Ski Season has begun



Hey everyone, RICH THE NEWCASTER dropping a few lines about the exciting news in the area. I am of course talking about the ski season that has begun this weekend of November 23rd. Whiteface mountain has officially opened their slopes and the fun and excitement of skiing has begun. (I cannot wait to slip my skis on and try to stay on my 2 feet instead of landing on the other end LOL).


For further info on the conditions and trails that have opened at Whiteface Mountain please visit I am sure you will be glad that you did and please do not forget to check out the great ski packages that MS DEAL MAKER has to offer.

Well, I am off to find all the snow bunnies, may all of you have fun this great winter season. If anyone has any great experiences of skiing at Whiteface, please share with us? SEE YAH!

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