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Things are Shaping Up


Its been a long few months but MR FIX-IT here has finally got some long awaited update pictures of the expansion project that has been taking place. It has been long and exhausting believe me. I am tired just thinking about it but what is a man to do LOL!

The roof has been put in place and the 2 storefronts are getting their nice detailed craftsman work and should be filling in very soon. (Of course, this handy man always gets the job done lickty split at least that is the way I feel)! But enough about me and let me show you how this project has progressed.

construction-1-816-x-612.jpg construction-2-816-x-612.jpg

Please click on any image to enlarge.

So, how does everyone like the progress that is coming along. The two storefronts are coming along nicely (if I say so myself, boy I do such good craftsman work) and the shops will be entering there hopefully within a few months. Well, this sore and tired body has got to get some rest (YAAAWWWNNN!!) so everyone have a great evening and I will update you on the inside progress of this project in the near future.

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