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Public Ice Skating



Hey, everyone its that time of the year again. Time to break out the ice skates because the season has begun. Of course this is your FAVORITE NEWSCASTER RICH coming to you live from the Olympic Speedskating Oval and boy is the ice being carved up. Just this weekend of Dec. 1st the great people of ORDA got the ice frozen on the outside oval just in time for everyone to put their skates on and glide over the ice.


For those of you who do not know about this, every year during the day or evening for two hours, people for a small fee can skate around the oval and listen to great music or chit chat with their friends. (Of course, this clutz will be seen more on his rump than on his feet haha)! But for all of you great skaters please help me up if you see me on the ground. God Bless you. Please visit this venue for a great wintery skating time. For further info about this venue and other great venues in the Olympic Region please visit

If anyone has any great experiences of this skating venue please drop us a line and who knows you might see your post online. Well, this boy is gliding out of here, until next time have a great and wonderful holiday season. Chow!

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