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Hey, everyone it was a very short time but MR. FIX-IT is back with another update of more resort improvements. Yes, we are like busy little bees, buzzing all over making all these exciting changes. For the past few weeks I have been busy working with my crew in the lobby area of the resort. We have been scraping off the old wallpaper and adding some new and exciting shades of color to make this area feel more like home.

Since, we had decided to make these changes back almost a year ago, I have been racking my brain looking for the perfect tile to place on the tiled floor of the lobby area. We have not made this change as of this day. But, while we were in the lobby deciding on possible samples a very nice gentleman stopped by and provided some great suggestions and offered some samples of his that would be perfect for this project.

I would like to take this time to thank MICHAEL FROM ROMA TILE for sending us the samples that we needed. We have made our decision based on these samples and going with a great design for this tiled floor. (I am so greatful that Michael took the time out of his vacation to offer this great suggestion)! HATS OFF TO YOU AND KUDOS!

This project is close to completion and when it is finished, I will be sharing with you the new look of the lobby area. For further info or pics of the resort please visit us at Also, do not want to forget and mention that one of our store fronts in the new expansion area will be opening its doors in a few days. JUST BEAD IT! has joined our list of shops and will be opening its doors in the new location very shortly. We are all very excited. (well back to work for this ole man; the days are shorter but my work is never finished)

Please if anyone would like to give any suggestions about any possible improvement ideas or comments about the new improvements that we are doing; please drop us a line and who knows we might just post your comments!!!!

Thanks again to Michael for the tile selection it is greatly appreciated. Good nite all I am outta here!

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