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Charlie's Great Cuisine

Well, well, well…..I finally get to make my debut and blog to all you culinary geniuses out there.

For those of you who do not know me, I am the one and only, MADAME CUISINE!!!!

I will be dishing up all the delicious culinary delights around the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort;
and when i start making the flour fly you had better watch out.

In case you have not noticed in the last few months at the Golden Arrow; our exciting new restaurant has officially opened at the spot where Goldberries used to be. This exciting new restaurant is called


It officially opened in late December to rave reviews and has been serving up customers of all ages for the past few months. The interior has an exciting and refreshing new contemporary look that I am sure you will enjoy. As well, as the cuisine has a delectable taste for all ages.

They have great Duck Quesidillas and their Hungarian Mushroom soup is superb. As, well as their many entrees that will sure to make your mouth water with excitement.

We must not forget the new and exciting T-BAR which is located right inside Charlie’s restaurant. It has an exciting new look that has a lighted up bar that will impress anyone. From time to time you might also catch a jazz ensemble playing some great music for everyone to listen to while at the bar or enjoying dinner.

Of course, all of the cuisine is great in the restaurant but Madame Cuisine’s absolute FAV! is the desserts. You must try the ever so scrumptious Blackberry Fried Pie which will titalate your taste buds. You will definetly enjoy!

If you would like further information on Charlie’s and the T-bar please visit

Geez, now I have made myself so hungry that I am going to have to head right up to Charlies and enjoy a nice dinner. Well, until next time Madame Cuisine here signing off and hope to see you at Charlies.

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