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Dogs are Back in Town



SAMMY AND CLARK barking your way from our favorite resort and our tails are wagging with excitement about our Huskie friends that are back to visit. Our pal Mike and A.J. are back for another exciting season of DOG SLED RIDES ON MIRROR LAKE (BARK BARK). As we are drooling over our favorite dish of food, the boys are out on the lake carving out their trail for the rides. Our Huskie friends look better than ever (WOOF) and we cannot wait to play and frolick in the snow with them.


For all of you humans who do not know about these dog sled rides; you surely do not know what you are missing. For $10 you can ride in a traditional dog sled sled with 6 huskies pulling you across and around Mirror Lake. You will be covered with nice warm furs and pelts to make the experience a howling experience!!! (Rolf). So, what are you waiting for drag your loved one down to the Golden Arrow and see what all the tail wagging and mushing is all about. For further info about this or any other jaw dropping activites in Lake Placid please visit

(HOOOWWWWLLLLL!!!) Clark would like to hear about any of your dog adventures or great times you have had with your best pal in this resort and Lake Placid. So, drop us a line and tell us all about it (woof).
Well, these two boys are headed for that nice juicy steak sitting on the counter, boy will the master be so pleased…woof woof yelp yelp!!!

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