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Proof of ID Across the Border

Hey everyone, RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER bringing our friends and guests NORTH OF THE BORDER a very important update.

If you plan on traveling to the US in the future it is now required that you have a driver’s license as proof of identity as well as proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate or passport.

These regulations have been put into effect as of 2008 and are there for everyone’s safety and protection. (I know it can be frustrating and aggravating waiting for a long time at the border…I pull my hair out everytime LOL). But it is good to know that the governments are looking out for everyone’s safety.

Well, this guy just wanted to make you aware and drop this very important information for when you are traveling to visit us at our resort and Lake Placid. For further information about this regulation please visit and details as to when new requirements will go into effect.

I am outta here and will bring you the new sporting updates in the near future as many winter hockey games, ski and ice skating events are approaching Lake Placid for this great and wonderful winter season. (TIME FOR THIS BOY TO HIT THE SLOPES AND ENJOY ALL THIS GREAT SNOW!!)

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