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4 Leaves are Upon Us



EFQ (ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY QUEEN) bringing everyone the upmost exciting and earth friendly promotion that our resort has achieved. I am talking about the Audubon International Green Leaf Eco-Rating. We have achieved the next level in leafiness and now are rated FOUR LEAVES by this prestigious group. (boy is this girl just trembling with excitement from this green development.)

Thanks to our great efforts of putting in the Green Roof in the Spring of 2008 and all the eco-friendly changes in the resort; we have received this next level!!
For all of you who do not know what a green roof is, here is a little explanation:


A Green Roof is a living roof. It is a roof literally covered with soil and plants to create a living breathing space. The benefits are many. In addition to looking beautiful, it will nearly double the life of the roof underneath it. It creates energy savings by acting as a super insulator, keeping the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also acts as a storm water management system, catching pollutants as they drain off the roof. This is especially important for us since we are located directly on the lake. The Oxygen released by the plants will help the hotel reduce its carbon footprint. We are growing local plant & herb species. The herbs will be used by Charlie’s in their meal preparation. Hopefully it will also create a nice environment for birds and insects.

This is just exciting and we are now looking to go to the top level of 5 leaves by the year 2009. I got to get this girl into gear and think of how to reach this next level and show that our resort cares about our everchanging and lovely environment. If anyone knows of possible ways that we can improve our eco-friendly resort, please drop us a line as we will take all ideas into account.

This queen has got to spread her great wings and continue on our efforts to improve this wonderful environment. From all of us at the Golden Arrow have a green and smoke-free day!!!

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