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Welcome to the excitement of the winter season and the great events that are coming up for the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER coming to you from the winter wonderland of Lake Placid. Have we got some great events coming up for all ages in the form of downhill skiing and figure skating. (I am getting chills from talking about it)!

Coming for the weekend of Janaury 18-20th the WORLD CUP FREESTYLE competition will be taking place. Athletes from all over will be showing their mogul skills down the slopes of Whiteface as well at the Ski Jumping Complex where the aerialists will be flipping and turning their way to possible gold. Watching these aerials is unbelieveable all the twists and turns one person can perform in the air. (I would just end up falling on my head OUCH)


Then also during that weekend the figure skaters will be showing their talents at the ISI FIGURE SKATING COMPETITION at the Herb Brooks Arena in the Olympic Center. Young skaters from around the regions will be joining us to show their spins and jumps at this exciting competition. See the glitter and perfection as they glide across the ice. For further info about these great events please visit or

So, for all of you who are looking for something to do this upcoming long weekend, give us a call at the Golden Arrow and reserve your room so you will not miss out on all this talent! (So, many things to do and so little time, this boy better get his sleep cause my feet is going to be sore covering all these great events). Oh! please drop us a line if you ever have participated in any of these great events. We would love to hear your great stories.
YAWN!!! Time for me to hit the bed have a great and wonderful upcoming holiday weekend.

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