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Hello, everyone MS. DEAL MAKER wanting to remind all of you avid skiiers out there that the ski season has been well underway and that you cannot miss out on the great packages that are out there for you. (If you turn these packages down then I shall be sad. SOB!) JUST KIDDING!


But seriously we have a great midweek offer for any skier to take advantage of with great savings. For a mere $95 per person during the midweek you can have a day of skiing on the great slopes of Whiteface and Breakfast in the morning at Charlie’s (where you might bump into MADAME CUISINE oh lala) or the hip and funky Soulshine Bagel. You of course get a nice Deluxe room for this price. So, come on people how can you turn this deal down!!!!! If that was not enough if you stay 3 nights I will throw the fourth night in free with all of these great options. (now i know you think that this is crazy but this gal cares to save you all some money in the pocket). So, drop what you are doing and give us a buzz at the Golden Arrow and tell them Ms. Deal Maker sent you!!!

For information about the current ski conditions at Whiteface Mountian please visit I am so excited about skiing that its time to hit the white covered slopes. This snowbunny is signing off and hope to see all of you on the slopes. BYE BYE!!!!

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