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Just in time for Saint Valentine’s Day, MS. DEAL-MAKER, has a great romantic add-on package. For all of you who are looking to woo that special someone in your life, this package is right up your alley. (Ahhh! I just love this time of the year; now if only I could find that special someone.) Well, enough about that lets get back into this romantic package.

First of all for $255 per couple added onto your reserved room, you get our romance package which includes your choice of red or white wine (boy that would hit the spot about now), two commemorative wine glasses and corkscrew that you can take home, a coupon for Wine tasting at the Goosewatch Winery and two coffee drinks and dessert from the Coff-E-Bean cafe. If this was not enough this ole gal is throwing in breakfast in bed for two served by those great people at Charlie’s. Well, this is only one part of this romantic package the culinary part is up next and for that I will turn you over to the one and ony MADAME CUISINE.


OHHHH!!!! LA! LA! It has been way to long for this culinary queen to be present on this blog. I am so excited and overjoyed to bring you the second part of this great romance package. With this package you will receive on Valentine’s Day a WINE PAIRING DINNER. It is one of the most extraordinary meals you will experience (believe me I am helping these chefs whip up some great delights). So, you may Relax & Enjoy as flavors titilate your taste buds from the amazing wines and delicious food that are paired perfectly. (MMMMMM!!! sounds delightful)

I do hope all of you will join me in this delectable feast as I make it a romantic night that you and your loved one will not soon forget. This gal is out of here (OH LA LA). “Thank you Madame Cuisine for that inspiring dinner choice.” So, please everyone add this great package on to your room for your loved one. (Now if only I could get MR FIX-IT to take me on this great romantic evening—-oh a girl can dream>) Anyway please visit our website and get the great menu for this package and all of our romantic getaways.

Please if you have any romantic story that you would like to share about your time in Lake Placid, please drop us a line.
Well, it is time to see if I can snag Mr. Fix-it to sign us up. Everyone, have a great and wonderful day!!!

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