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Green and Pet Donations



CINDY THE EFQ (Environmental Friendly Queen) coming to you about the nice generous donation that we have made to the NATURE CONSERVANCY. Thanks to all of our return guests in 07′ that returned their X-mas card. Each card received back to the resort, we donated $5. This came up to a grand total of $755. (WOW!) This girl is all a flutter about how much people care about the environment. For further info about this organization please visit Thank you to all who helped us with this donation and we look forward to further donations in the future. Please look for all the great changes that I will be coming up with for our eco-friendly resort. And now I will turn it over to Sammy and Clark for the next exciting donation.


WOOF! ROLF! AND A YELP TOO!!! This is SAMMY AND CLARK coming to you from the Humane Society in Saranac Lake where the Golden Arrow has just made a great donation to this worthy cause. Now all of our animal pals will get the great care and food to keep them going while they await for a caring and loving person to adopt them.This donation came to a howling $1,767. (PANT PANT) This is barking up our alley! Well, time to go and check out all these great pets and who knows they might have a little snack that we can devour. (MMMMM!! Rolf and Woof)

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One Response to Green and Pet Donations

  1. admin says:

    Your absolutely fantastic, generous and heartfelt gift put a huge smile on many faces at the Tri-Lakes Humane Society!

    At a time when we are trying to stretch every dollar while chipping away at our everyday project list and long term goals, the arrival of your gift renews hope that we will attain our wishes. We are very proud both of our facility and the significant work that the shelter accomplishes on an everyday basis. This is the result of a very dedicated staff, a committed board and the many fundraisers, programs, volunteer work and contributions such as yours.

    Thank you so much for helping.

    Tri-Lakes Humane Society

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