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Welcome everyone! MR. NEUTRAL coming to you from the new store that has joined our family. While MR. FIX-IT has been working hard day after day getting the new expansion project ready, he finished one of the new store fronts. This is where the exciting new storefront JUST BEAD IT run by the great and talented Stacy has opened for business. We are all very excited to have this crafty shop in the Golden Arrow family. (I am reminded of all those friendship bracelets that we used to make with beads. Boy would that be fun).

So, if you feel the need to Bead, then this shop is right up your embroidery alley. Just look at all the great shots of this interesting and unique store in the Tri-Lakes.

bead-it-1612-x-816.jpg just-bead-it-2816-x-612.jpg justbeadit1-3816-x-612.jpg

Well, we thank Stacy for bringing this lively and unique shop to us and look forward to many strands of beadiness in the future. For further info about this shop please visit their website, you will not be dissappointed. So, everyone when you visit us please stop by and say hi to this great new storefront. Well, that is about it for me, gotta head out before I wake the PRO AND CON FAMILY. Bye!!!

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