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This is Rich your Sportscaster for the Golden Arrow coming at you again with the exciting and heart pounding event that has been taking place at our resort. For the past two months, in our Racquetteball court in the health and fitness center several local teams in the Lake Placid area have been throwing soft rubber balls at each other. We have started the first ever Dodgeball league in Lake Placid and is it ever exciting. I myself played recently and I want to tell you there is nothing like a good workout than dodging several balls coming at you from every angle.

Thanks to my long legs and fast feet though; this is one sport that I thoroughly enjoy and from the response of most of the people it is definetly a great time. Of course, nothing feels great and relieves the tension of the work day than pegging a ball at someone and hitting them anywhere that you feel necessary. Of course, I have been rattled in the brain a few times myself (hehe).

If you have watched the movie Dodgeball you know how exciting and intense these matches can become. Well, we had our Playoffs this past week and two teams now stand in the finals for next weeks exciting game. This action will take place on Tuesday April 10th, 2007 at 7:00 pm.

These are the two teams who have managed to demolish and dodge their way to the finals:


So, if you are looking for something real exciting and intense (and dont mind seeing people get smacked around with dodgeballs) then stop over to the Golden Arrow and watch this exciting action. I know this sportscaster will be watching all the play by plays; and hopefull will not get hit in the face again. OUCH!

See yah there!!!!

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