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Winter Holiday Week



Believe it or not we are half way through the winter season, so it has to be time for the Presidents Holiday winter break week taking place Feb.15th-23rd. It has been a great season so far and the snow conditions are better than they ever were. RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER enjoying the fresh powder on Whiteface Mountain (believe me I have the bruises from all the spills this clumsy man endures HAHA). Over the past week there has been over a foot of fresh powder with more in the upcoming forecast (YEEEHAWWWW!!!)

For further conditions on the slopes and rates please visit, you will not want to miss out on this exciting week for skiing.

Okay, enough about the ski conditions, for all of you non-skiiers there is a lot of exciting events and winter activities to entertain all of us who are children at heart. (I love making Snow angels). Perhaps you would like to try your hand at Ice skating at the Olympic Speedskating Oval where they have many sessions for gliding over the ice. My fav is taking the exhilarating BOBSLED RIDE down the track at Mt. Van Hovenberg. You do not want to miss it!!!! Of course there are events taking place at all these venues and the ski jumping complex for this whole week!

So, please visit and write down your winter iteniary for your upcoming winter vacation to Lake Placid. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT!!!!

Of course, for everyone who just wants to enjoy the village there are many exciting shops in our Alpine Mall as well as great food at Charlie’s Restaurant right inside our resort (tell MADAME CUISINE that I sent you). If you have an interesting story to share about your experience in Lake Placid during this holiday time drop us a line! Okay, well this guy has got to bundle up for this exciting upcoming holiday week outdoors. Keep warm everyone and maybe I will bump into you at one of the venues.

P.S. I will keep you updated about another exciting event taking place the middle of next week. (small hint it has to do with basketball. Sorry that is all you get hehe).

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