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Snow Woe's

WELL WELL WELL!!! THE SEASON THAT WILL NOT DIE! As some of you are apparantly aware of old man winter is still dumping all kinds of snow on the Lake Placid area. I thought spring was here but apparantly mother nature has other plans and keeps dragging the snow out. Just when you think it is time to put the shovels away; on comes the snow again and again.
Just this Sunday night another 10 inches of fresh wet snow was rained down on us in the area. So, thanks to this recent events, Whiteface mountain is opening another weekend and the conditions could not be better. The slides will be open as well as 40 or more trails. They will open back up on Friday April 20th through the weekend closing on Monday April 23rd. So, all you skiiers dont put away those skis just yet; cause there is more season to be had! If you would like further information about Whiteface please visit

As for all of you golf fanatics like myself; hold in there I am sure that we will eventually get to swing that first club sometime in the near future. I am sure that mother nature will not skip us all together this season. lol
Well, until then I am crossing my fingers and toes and hoping that this snow stops and spring finally begins; cause if we are anything like the robins (this is totally confusing weather) haha

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