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Basketball Excitement in Placid



As promised, RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER coming to you about the exciting upcoming event during the President’s Holiday Week. The exciting and exhilarting HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS are coming to Lake Placid at the Olympic Center. Thats right those daredevil and performers of the hoops will be strutting their stuff at our very own Olympic Oval. See these guys perform their basketball trickery right in front of your very eyes. This is an event the children will not want to miss. (Hey, even I wish that they would let me get in on the action. I can spin a basketball on my finger so who knows they might volunteer me to join in a trick. Guess I can dream!)


This great sporting event will take place Tuesday February 19th at the Herb Brooks Arena inside the Olympic Center. For information about ticket pricing and times please visit

Well, time to go practice my basketball skills, everyone have a great and eventful holiday week!!!

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