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Allergen Free Rooms

In case all of you readers are not familiar with Mr. Fix-It, I am the person who does all the new and exciting improvements to the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. Yeah, when I am not relaxing in one of the cozy comfortable fireplace or whirlpool tub rooms (shhhhh!! Dont tell anyone); I am working on improving the accommodations and construction around the property.

In case, you have not realised it yet, we have improved a whole wing of our resort for allergen free rooms. These rooms are located on the north wing 1st floor of the resort. They have beach access right out the patio doors and are situated in a very comfortable location.

Each room has bamboo wood floors (which works with both our allergen free and our environmental initiatives because bamboo is a renewable resource), a high efficiency Hepasilent air filters, dust mite covers on the beds and pillows, hypo-allergenic linens, & chlorine filters on the showerheads. The cleaning products are all natural ingredients such as baking soda & vinegar. Curtains have been replaced with blinds & we purchased leather furniture to reduce the dust buildup.
Every guest room comes equipped with the items we thought you would need to make you feel at home, such as a refrigerator, coffee maker, coffee mugs, iron & board, hairdryer, & internet access.

I have worked long extrenuous hours on these rooms and I am very sure that for anyone who has allergies that these will be the perfect rooms for you to enjoy. It took me a while and many nailed fingers later (ouch), but these rooms are ready for you to enjoy.

So, if you would like further information on these rooms please contact us at the Golden Arrow and one of our knowledgeable desk assoicates can give you all the info that you are looking for.

Well, gotta go relax these tired sore fingers and I know the perfect room to enjoy a relaxing whirlpool tub.
UH-OH!!!I hope my boss does not read this. Well, until next time this is Mr. Fix-It signing off and headed to my next exciting project. (FYI, it is a hotel expansion….How exciting!!!)

See you soon at the Golden Arrow!!!

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