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Just looking out the window all of the inches of snow are falling right before my eyes, time to breakout another great ski package. MS. DEAL MAKER bringing you the newest upcoming weekend ski package that I am sure you will want to enjoy. Forecasted by the weather gods we are getting up to and possibly a foot of fresh powder in the next few days. (wow I cannot wait to swoosh down all that fresh new powder and maybe I will get MR-FIX to hold my hand so I do not fall hehe).

Anyway, I am off track, let me tell you about the great deal I have come up with for the weekend of March 7th and March 9th. For $299 per couple per night, you get Deluxe Lodging in the resort, an All Access Ski Pass to Whiteface Mountain, and breakfast at the Hip and Trendy Charlie’s Restaurant or at the Funky Soulshine Bagel. I have even got rates for a trio or for a person skiing solo, please just checkout our website for these rates. I know what you are thinking this girl is insane with deals and you would be correct. Just want everyone to enjoy what Whiteface has to offer for all ages.

That is about all the time I have, gotta head out and enjoy all this new snow. So, until my next great deal, everyone have a great time the rest of the winter season. Bye!

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