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Golf Season


This is Rich your sportscaster from the Golden Arrow telling you about the exciting golf packages that we have in store for this years golf season. The ice has finally gone off the lake and the snow has melted; the Lake Placid Club Resort has recently opened there Mountain course and I was out swinging a few clubs today.

Was a beautiful day and the greens have dryed up nicely, so officially the golf season has begun. As I was saying we do have some nice golf packages that I am sure all you golfers would like to take advantage of during the season.

We have our midweek and weekend LINKS AND DRINKS GOLF PACKAGE SPECIAL; for either US dollars or Canadian dollars. If you would like to take part in these great packages and like some information about them please visit our website and click on packages and read about these exciting deals.

I know from one golfer to another these are great deals and you surely do not want to miss out on them. If you would like further information from the website please contact the hotel at 800-582-5540 or 518-523-3353 and one of our many associates can explain these great deals to you.

Well, it is getting late and I have to give myself and my golf putter a rest. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not miss out on the great deals this golf season. Well, have a great night and I hope to see you all on the golf course shortly swinging those clubs. I personally like the 19th hole but dont tell my wife….lol.

See ya

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