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Training and more Training


As I am sure all your marathon runners and tri-athletes are aware of that it is getting closer to the Spring and Summer season. Meaning that it is time to train for the upcoming Ironman 2008 and Marathon 2008 in Lake Placid. Time to break out the bicycles and running shoes and hit the race trails in Lake Placid for these great events.

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That means the gal of deals (of course I am talking of my fabulous self) MS. DEALMAKER is back with a great package for all you athletes. For all of you who would like to get a jump (literally) on everyone else and train on these great mountain courses, than I am offering a great discount. I will offer a 20 percent discount on any room from now until the end of June. (Yes, the girl is insane with discounts ,of course, not as insane as running a 26 mile race or a 12 or more hour Triathlon,,WHEW!!) Hats off to you great athletes!


So, just give us a buzz and tell them about this discount and we will gladly help your individual needs. Also, below this blog please send any feedback that you may have about your training experiences in Lake Placid. I would love to hear about them. Well, this gal is off to make some greaaattt packages. Bye for now!!!

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One Response to Training and more Training

  1. Explore says:

    We had a wonderful time at the Golden Arrow last week! Thank you for taking such good care of us. Our room was gorgeous and we enjoyed all the features – the king sized bed, the whirlpool tub, the oversized glass shower, the luxurious bathrobes, the beautiful furnishings – were all greatly appreciated.

    We worked with one lady named Laura who was certainly a fine representative for Golden Arrow. She visited to our room to check the message system on our telephone which was beyond what we expected. All of her help with restaurants and shopping was of great aid to us.

    We have been going annually to the Golden Arrow for five or six years now – sometimes twice in a winter season. We have also introduced my brother to your resort. They too love the hotel and have become yearly winter visitors. What fun we have had! One of our favorite perks – the underground parking – what a luxury when the temperature is -20 degrees!

    We look forward to seeing you next year. Hopefully for two weeks – five nights go by much too quickly.

    Thanks to you Laura.


    Charles and Dorrie Harrison

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