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Do not pack up those skis yet or you will miss out on all the great late season skiing! (This season is still going strong and if you miss out on it now, I might have to drag you down myself…hehe). Over the past week there has been over at least a foot of fresh powder that has fallen from the ski. MS. DEAL-MAKER reminding you about the great late season ski package that I am sure you will not want to miss. It seems that this ole gal cannot stop throwing great packages out to all of you deserving people.

mountainsnow.jpg slideswhiteface.jpg

During the midweek you can share in the $79 per person package. This includes Deluxe Lodging with two double beds, an all access ski pass to Whiteface Mountain and Breakfast at our restaurant Charlie’s or Soulshine Bagel. (Yes, I said it just $79 per person..CRAZY). For further info about this great package please visit and do not forget for all current ski conditions please visit

I would like to hear about your exciting ski adventures so please click below this blog and drop me a line.

Okay, everyone, grab those skis and poles and slalom over to the Golden Arrow and Whiteface to partake in this package. Oh! I almost forgot it is almost spring and I have been working hard on the golf packages for all you avid golfers. So, keep an eye out for these great packages to be sprung on you very soon. Chow for now!!!!

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