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Hey everyone! This is CINDY THE EFQ(Environmental Friendly Queen) who is beaming from ear to ear about the great prestigious award that one of our own has received. Kudos and hats off to our very own Cindy Bova who has won the Best Room Cleaner award in New York State. She was nominated for her outstanding room cleaning and attention to details a few months ago. Now, we are proud to say that she has won this prestigious award.


This is a yearly award that is granted to an outstanding housekeeper/room cleaner who shows all the qualities of what it takes to provide great customer service and great room service through out the year. NYS HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM ASSOCIATION awarded this great honor to Cindy because of the recommendation of the Holderied family. (I am all fuzzy inside that we have such great people working at the Golden Arrow).

So, if you see Cindy buzzing around with her cleaner in hand take the time to say hi, you will be glad you did. If you have any comments about this great award please write a response below this blog and I will be glad to respond. For further information about this award please visit

Congratulations again to Cindy not to be confused with yours truly! All of the staff and family here at the Golden Arrow are very proud of you and keep up the great work.

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