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Hotel Expansion and Improvements


THis is MR. FIX-ITcoming to you from the site of our newest and exciting project at the Golden Arrow Hotel. We have recently tore down the building where the Black Bear Restaurant used to be and are in the process of expanding. The crew and I have been hard at work tearing down walls in our two lower parking garages underneath the establishment. You can take it from me what a month it has been but everything is running smoothly.

We are expanding out our two lower parking garages A and B lots; to allow for more parking spaces underneath. As well, in the next several months we will be expanding our hotel and adding more rooms to service even more guests in the Lake Placid area. It is a long and exhausting job (and believe me I have the callouses to prove it) but when it is all said and done, there will be even more exciting and luxurious rooms for you to choose from.

Stay tune for some exciting pictures as we make progress in the expansion project. If you have any comments for Mr. FIX-IT please drop me a line and I will definetly make the time and effort to answer any and all of your responses. Please visit our website and check all of our exciting new features and deals we have to offer.

Well, its time for me to get back to work or I will be walking the unemployment line! Take care all and hope all of your expansion projects go as well as ours.

PS: I will be telling shortly about our new jacuzzi that has as we speak being installed in the indoor pool area.

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