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Spring is Somewhere In the Air!!!

Even though it is officially Spring, that has not stopped mother nature from bringing extended winter conditions. Yes, Easter has passed and still no signs of the flowers blooming in the Lake Placid Region. (HO HUM!!! SOB). But anyway that just gives us more time to enjoy great ski condtions and lets not forget all the exciting action going on at the Olympic Center.

RICHARD YOUR SPORTSCASTER reminding everyone that do not get the winter blues there is still great hockey action for children and adults all weekend long throughout the rest of March and most of April. So, put those shorter outfits away and head over to Lake Placid and don your sweaters and boots. So, you can stay nice and warm at the Olympic Center where the CAN-AM HOCKEY TOURNAMENTS are taking place. Yes, the children will be hitting the ice with their skates and sticks and slapping the ole puck around into the goal. It is great to see all the smiling faces of all ages participate in these weekend events. There is also a tournament in April where the adults are involved as well. (AWESOME!!) For further information about these tournaments please visit , you will not be dissapointed from all the excitement.

If that is not your cup of tea or ice even, then there is still great skiing at Whiteface Mountain. Do not let the change of the seasons fool you, cause the snow is still bountiful in the Adirondack Region. (I even have tumbled down the trails a few times already this spring, have the bump to prove it..hehe). Do not forget to visit for all the current ski conditions.

So hurry on down to Lake Placid because the winter is not over with yet and the excitment continues. Well, guess I better head off the ice before someone hits me in the head with a puck….everyone have a great day and dont fret spring is on the way for all you golfers!!!

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