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Bobsled and Skating in the Spring


Just when you thought there is no way that Lake Placid is having anything going on the next few weeks. Its spring and winter is over! Well, you are completely mistaken and RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER here wants to take you down the correct path or bobsled run even.


That is right there is exciting events taking place at the Bobsled-Luge track at Mt. Van Hovenberg and at the Olympic Center Skating Complex in downtown Lake Placid. That is right this week March 31st to April 5th some of the best bobsled and skeleton athletes will meet at the Olympic Bobsled track and compete at the America’s Cup. (Winter is defintely not over yet and here I was packing up my boots, yeah right!) Boy, I would not be caught sliding head first down a fast track like that, this boy would be in traction hehe!

skating_figureskaters2.jpg skating_couple.jpg

Let’s not forget at the Olympic Center starting next week April 9th through the 12th, the fantastic figure skaters will be jumping on the ice. The 2008 Adult Figure Skating National Championships will be upon us here in the area. Thousands of ambitious skaters will be spinning, jumping and gracefully skating some of the best routines of their career. (Lets hope there are no falls!!) Thank heaven yours truly is not out there cause there would def. be something to laugh about over a cup of coffee. For further information about these two exciting events please visit

Anyway, so do not put the winter attire away yet and head out to Lake Placid these next two weeks for some serious and exciting competition. Also, please visit our guestbook and leave us a response about your skating experience, we would be glad to hear from everyone!
Good luck to all the participating athletes! I am off to another exciting event, no rest for this sportscaster. Bye for now!

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