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Children Keeping it Green


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Wow! Hard to imagine but Spring has Sprung and I want to tell you about the exciting Eco event that we are holding. CINDY YOUR EFQ here buzzing from limb to limb about the exciting children event being held on EARTH DAY. We are hosting our first ever KEEPING IT GREEN-KIDS ACTIVITIES WORKSHOP. Showing the children how to have fun while protecting and recycling products to save this great land that we live in. (Oh my! I am beaming from ear to ear to be participating in this fabulous event). I know of one child who is giggling with glee about this event for the children. So, I will hand over the keyboard and let Little Z tell you about the activities.


Tank you Miss EFQ Lady! i cannot believe my little eyes about this great event. If the wether is nice we will have booths set up outside for all diffrent fun events. There will be bird feeder making out of pine cones. (That is so fun YEAH!). Also, we get to plant herb seedlings in tin cans and finger painting (my fav messy) of this great earth. So, much fun and educating at the same time I cannot wait. Well, EFQ lady i have to head to bed and cannot wait for Earth day.


Goodnight Z and thank you so much for helping with this fun event. This Keeping it Green event will take place Tuesday April 22nd, 2008 from 11am to 2pm weather permitting outside and if not in one of our fabulous meeting rooms. I want to throw a shout out to VERONICA AND SIERRA for putting this whole event together. You are awesome and care so much for the environment! Thank you!

Please everyone visit our blog guestbook and leave us some feedback about how we can further help and protect the environment. I am looking forward to hearing from you! For further information about this event either give us a call at 518-523-3353 or visit

Bye for now and remember to help the environment anyway that you can.

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