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Car Mania!!!



Well, it is that time of the year again, which means it is time for the annual LAKE PLACID FESTIVAL OF CARS. This is a car show that brings people all over the Northeast with their antique and all different styles of vechicles over the ages. There is an indoor/oudoor show, auction, swap meet, collector cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and sport carts.

So, as any car enthusiast would know it is definetly a day of excitement and time to show off your flashy souped up engine and set of wheels. Where does all this take place? Well, right downtown in Lake Placid at the Olympic Center. The show takes place Saturday May 19th from 10am-7pm with an auction from 2-7pm, and then again on Sunday May 20th from 10am-3pm. With many different awards handed out at 2pm for the different categories of the best vechicles. Please visit the car show website for all this exciting information.

So, if you have a nice looking car or an antique and are looking to see some hot wheels. Then you need to head to Lake Placid this coming weekend and join in all the excitement. While you are here do not forget the Golden Arrow is just around the corner from this excitement and there are still great rooms available for this weekend.

Hope to see you all there and keep those motors running!!

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