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Adult National Skating and More

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RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER giving a shout out to all the participants during the ADULT NATIONAL FIGURE SKATING WEEK. Congratulations! From everyone here at the Golden Arrow we hope that you enjoyed your experince and many medals came your way. It was great watching all the spinning, jumps and choreography. (I personally would not step out on the ice because this man has fell to many times. OUCH!) I cannot wait until the next big skating competition and see all the great talent out there.

For all of you who missed out on the great competition that happened this week, shame shame shame, hehe. It was fun and exciting. To check out more of this and other competitions that will be held in the Lake Placid area at the Olympic Center please visit or You will not want to miss all the exciting Hockey and Skating events coming up for the rest of the year.

Please tell us about your skating experience either in competition or leisure, I would like to hear all about these stories. Visit our guestbook and drop a line.

One tiny reminder Whiteface has extended their Spring skiing for another weekend of April 18th-20th. So, don those skis and get in that last trip down the slopes for the season. Personally, I am excited in getting one more trip down that great mountain. Well, this sportscaster is off to cover more exciting events and the golf season shall be starting very soon, so hang in their golfers. (YEAH!)

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