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Ah! It is that time of the year again, the air is warm and the motorcycles are revving up their engines and pulling into the great Adironack area. MS. DEALMAKER here and have I got exciting news for all you motorcycle enthusiasts. Just for all of you who pull up to the Golden Arrow with your motorcycle, I have created a great savings deal that you will not want to pass on. (Of course, I wont let you anyway…hehe).

From now until June 24th, if you come to the resort on your motorcycle during the midweek, you will receive a guest room for $69 per night and on the weekend $99 per night. If that was not a great deal already I am throwing in a glass of wine or a beer for each person at the T-Bar in Charlie’s Restaurant or Roomers Nightclub. (Nothing hits the spot after a long day of riding then a cold one….I am sure you will agree). For further info about this package and other great packages please visit So, what are you waiting for jump on your motorcycle and head to Lake Placid to the resort and take part in this great package.

Also, drop us a line on our Blog Guestbook and tell about your motorcycle excursions into the Lake Placid area. We would love to hear about each and everyone.

Time to hit the road and make up some more great deals for everyone to enjoy. Until next time have a pleasant and safe day.

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