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Earth Day a Success!!!!


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CINDY YOUR EFQ(Environmental Friendly Queen) is still buzzing from this past Earth Day’s Children Program. Lots of children showed up to help celebrate this glorious day and make the earth just a little more Greener. There were kids of all ages participating in all of the great activities and having a blast doing it. I am sure they learned a lot about the environment as well gave back at the same time. (OH! how this makes me feel warm inside to see the next generation protecting our mother earth!!).

tree.jpg running-leaf.jpg tree1.jpg

I cannot wait now for the ECO-FAIR that is going to be happening toward the end of May. The great news and excitement keeps coming and coming. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE!!! I want to give a special thanks to VERONICA AND SIERRA for throwing this great KIDS EARTH DAY PROGRAM!!! Do not let me forget SUNNY and all the hard work she is putting in for the ECO FAIR!!! You girls are awesome!!!

For further information about all the events and activities that the Golden Arrow is providing to make this a sustainable resort and forever “GREEN“, please visit Also, if you have any great ideas or suggestions about how we can better protect this great land, drop us a line and I will gladly take all this information into consideration.

Well, it is time to go so much green to spread and little time to do it in. May all your days be a breath of fresh air and pollution free! Bye for now!!!

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