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Everyone Loves a BBQ



Its that time of the year again! Time to break out the ole barbeque grills and enjoy the great tastes of a BBQ! Speaking of which it is a great time to mention the I LOVE BBQ FESTIVAL held in July. OHHHH!!! LA LA!! MADAME CUISINE grilling up some great flavors for you on my grill! Also, would like to mention about the festival of great food that will be grilled up in Lake Placid. This festival will be held July 4th through the 6th. (I cannot wait to taste all this great food….DELICIOUS!!). Anyway, I heard through my delectable taste buds that MS. DEAL MAKER has a fantastic deal to tie into this wonderful festival.


“So, its all yours Ms. Deal Maker.” “Thank you Madame Cuisine and keep cooking up that great food at Charlie’s!”

I have a great deal package add on to any room for this BBQ festival held in July. It’s the “WHO DOESN’T LOVE BBQ?” package and it will sure tantalize any of your taste buds. For an additonal $50 per person added on to your room you can partake in this deal. It includes a 3 day pass to the festival, a beer sampler from the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery (my fav. brew pub..mmm) & a gift to inspire you to make your own BBQ at home! (Have to tell you that it is a great apron with our Logo on it….very nice indeed!!!). This package is, of course, for anyone 21 or older, but the children are allowed at any of these festivities and places. So, bring them along they are sure to have fun!!!!

So, what are you waiting for head to LP this 4th of July and order this great add-on package. Your stomach and taste buds will not be dissapointed. For further information about this great festival please visit and do not forget to check out my great packages like this and other great family packages at Well, this girl is off, talking about all this food has made me hungry to fire up the grill. Have a great Summer season everyone!!!!

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