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Spring Attractions & Specials


RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER letting all of you spring travelers know about the opening of the spectacular WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN VETERANS MEMORIAL HIGHWAY. This will officially open this Saturday May 17th and stay open for the season until mid-October. I cannot wait to drive up to the top of the highway and see on a nice clear day the spectacular views of the region. For guests who have never drove up this highway, when you reach the top there is a stone castle that you can get out and go to the top of this stoney site. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS IT!!!!! Who knows you might even wanna take a ride with your mountain bike up this steep mountain (not for me). For futher information about pricing and times of operation please visit


Also, please do not forget to visit the Ski Jumping Complex where you can take the elevator to the top of the 120M tower. Very nice view! More sites to open as the summer season progresses inlcuding the Gondola Ride to the top of Little Whiteface and the Adirondack Scenic Railroad . So, stay tuned for these great openings!!!

Well, my time is up but I will turn you over to MS. DEAL MAKER who needs to remind some athletes about a great package. (Belive me you do not want to keep this woman waiting,,,oops better head up the mountain before I get myself in anymore trouble…hehe) Bye all!!!

“Thank you Rich for those great openings and yeah you better head up that mountain before I get my running shoes on!”


Okay! Now back to my athletes, where are all you men and women training for the Marathon or the Ironman triathlon!!! Did you forget that we have a great training rate discount from now until June 20th? I will offer you a 20 percent discount on any accommodations that will allow you to concentrate on your training and not on the wallet. So, come one, everyone and give us a buzz and book those accommodations today and tell them MS. DEAL MAKER sent you for your discounted rate. Please visit and view this great package and other sport packages. Well, I am off to catch our newsmaker and show him what for!!!! NITE EVERYONE!!

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