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The Eco-Fair is almost here



Its your “green” queen CINDY THE E.F.Q (Environmental Friendly Queen) reminding all you earth enthusiasts that the 1st annual Eco-Fair is coming this Saturday May 31st. There will be several vendors on hand showing how to protect the environment by using recycled glass, cans and other bio-degradable products. There will be nutritionists, green beauty products, energy saving at home vendors as well as live entertainment. (I am so excited to see so many individuals participating in saving this great environment of ours-I am all a flutter).

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There will also be a magazine drop off so that everyone can recycle their old magazines. Many displays on what to do to protect our earth and plenty to purchase as well. Who knows you might see me buzzing around this fair to help out all the great vendors that are taking time to save the environment! So, rain or shine the Eco-Fair will go on and I am expecting each and everyone of you to stop by and partake in this event! (If not “mother nature” will frown and so will yours truly…hehe)

For further information about this event and the vendors participating please visit This great event will be from 11am to 5pm, you will not want to miss it. Please next time you think about throwing away that plastic bag or glass jar, just think what you could have made from reusing this product.

Oh! Do not want to forget to thank SUNNY for organizing and planning this entire event. Hats off to you and all of the hard work and time that has been placed into this great event. Until next time Keep it Green and this EFQ will be watching!!! BYE!!

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