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Christmas fun in the Summer


Yes, even though the summer season is approaching, there is still Christmas in the surronding area at the NORTH POLE at SANTA’S WORKSHOP. For eveyone who does not know, there is a winter wonderland in the Wilmington region off of Lake Placid where Santa and all his friends hold a myriad of fun and excitement. Young children have enjoyed this place for years and years. They can pet one of Santa’s reindeer & other woodland friends, sing and dance with all of Santa’s friends and meet the BIG GUY himself. There is also all kinds of chidrens rides they will definately enjoy.


So, what does all of this have to do with this resort, well have I got a great package to add on to any of our great guest rooms. MS. DEAL MAKER back again with an exciting summer package called our Santa’s Adventure Add-On. For only a small cost of $75 per person, you will receive a full day admission to Santa’s Workshop. (This is great for children and will sure to be hit, I just love bringing my young one to this enchanting place and watching the great smile on his face.) If this package was not already enough you will also receive an all access pass to AVALANCHE ADVENTURES located in the village of Lake Placid. You can have fun playing miniature golf, rock climbing, caving and so much more. (WOW! This is very exciting!)


What perfect way to get a jump on Christmas shopping in July, by finding out what the little ones are wanting for this upcoming year. I am sure your child will remember the great day of fun at both of this areas. For further information and schedules for Santa’s workshop please visit and further information and times for Avalanche Adventures please visit This will be during the summer season from June 24th through September 1st, 2008. So, come on parents of all ages and head to Lake Placid to be involved in this great adventure.

If you have visited Santa’s Workshop before, I would love to hear about the time you spent there; so please drop a line in our GOLDEN ARROW GUESTBOOK. Until next time, hope your summer season is sunny and bright, have a great season!!!!!

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