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Green Roof is finally on!!!!


Words cannot express the exhilaration and excitement that we are experiencing at the Golden Arrow. CINDY YOUR EFQ on site where are great and fabulous GREEN ROOF has been installed. It has been a long time coming but just last week the crew installed this roof and the plant life is just blooming. What a nice site to see from Charlie’s dining room, to look out of the window and see all the lush plantation. (This girl cannot contain herself anymore, I just want to yell for joy how much energy this roof will allow us to conserve.) It will allow the resort to be cooler in the summer and save all kinds of heat in the winter season. Also, the oxygen being released by these plants will help reduce our carbon footprint. (This is great and I am sure all of you will love to see this beautiful scenery outside the window of Charlies.

Now without further ado here are the pics of the formation of the GREEN ROOF!!!

green-roof-026.jpg green-roof-032.jpg green-roof-install.jpg green-roof-046.jpg

I hope you enjoyed these photos and we are looking for years and years of helping the environment from this structure. Please drop me a line on our GUESTBOOK and let us know about your opinions of this roof and any other great ideas to help us further GO GREEN! Also, please visit our GREEN PAGE at and see what other great projects that are in the works.

Well, this little woman is buzzing out of here and going to water this fabulous structure!

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