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Savings on your Gasoline


Yes, it is true the resort is now saving you money in your wallet by paying for your gasoline to get you here!!! MS. DEALMAKER knows that you must be thinking (What are they crazy!!!) and the answer would be no cause we feel that you deserve a break in your wallet. This will give you time to enjoy a great vacation and not worry about how you are going to pay for all that gasoline.

That is right during a midweek stay Sunday through Thursday evenings for a minimum of a three night stay, we will throw in the cost of a tank of gasoline for your trip here. You heard me right, so that you may arrive to Lake Placid a free tank of gasoline. (I cannot believe that this is coming out of my lips…but I just love to save money for everyone!) This offer is only valid on non-holiday and special events and must be a booking made over the phone. (AHHHH!! the rules and regulations but sorry have to have them). For further information please visit our package page at Do not hesitate to drop us a line on your opinion on this package or any other package that we offer. Would love to hear from you.

Don’t let high gas prices stop you from taking the vacation that you deserve! We will pay to get you here…and you will never want to leave! (Or we hope you will not…hehe) So, what is everyone waiting for get on that phone today and contact the Golden Arrow to make your reservation today!!! Well, this gal has to head back to making more great savings and deals. OH! Almost forgot (Cindy the EFQ would string me up) make sure to drive up in your hybrid to help the environment and we will throw in our “THANKS FOR BEING GREEN” gift bag.

Goodbye eveyone!!!!

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