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Don't Forget About Golf Season


Even though there is so much to do in the Lake Placid region for the summer season, do not forget all the great golf courses in the area. Thats right and MS. DEAL-MAKER still has great packages all season long. (OH! I bet you forgot all about that! shame shame…just kidding)! But indeed I have an add on package to any room during the summer season. For an additional $60 per person per day you can have yourself a round of golf and breakfast in the morning. This also includes the use of a golf cart at any of the great golf courses in the area. These would be Craigwood, Lake Placid Club and Whiteface Lodge and enjoy a great breakfast at Charlie’s Restaurant or across the street at Soulshine Bagel.

What more could you ask for? Of course, a lot of hole in ones would be nice but we can dream I guess. So, what are you waiting for call us today and book this great Golf Add-on and enjoy the greens here in the region. Just remember you can relax your weiry bones after a day of golf in our adult hot tub in the pool area. For further information about this package and other great packages please visit us at Well, time to drag out my clubs and hit the tees, look forward to seeing everyone in Lake Placid in the near future. Toodles!!!

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