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I cannot believe they would let a child tell you about this xciting stuff happening at the hotel for kidz; but they are WWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

For those of you out there who do not know me I am LITTLE Z the head child around the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. Parents are knot the only ones who get to have fun around here. Us children have some xciting new activitez in the hotel all summer long.

We have Kidz activities that take place every day out on the beach area when the sun is shining and indoorz when it is raining (BOO-HOO). These activitez range from arts and crafts (sand art, bead art, tie dye t-shirts—-MY FAV!!!, make your own treazure boxes, picture frame or sun catchers).

We have many games too such as volley ball, wally ball (whatever that is- hey i am just a kid), dodgeball (yee-haw), candy bar bingo (def a keeper yummy), water balloons, baseball, canoe races, soda bottle fishing and many other fun stuff!

WAIT IT EVEN GETS BETTER!!!! In the evening my pal Nick has KIDZ NIGHT INN!!!!

This is run at night in the early evening and is for kidz of all ages. It includes a pizza party (yeah!!!), arts & crafts, games, prizes, movies and my totally fav thing NO PARENTSSSSS!!!!!! (YYYYEAAAHHH)

I am so excited that I cannot wait to enjoy all this fun in the hotel with all my friends and hopefully some new ones. So, everyone please stop by the hotel and join in the kidz excitement. Well, gotta be getting to bed, my mother is telling me its time! HUH, parents what are you going to do with them. Well, we kidz now have some fun to look forward to.

Well, this is LITTLE Z signing off and have candy dreams everyone. BUH-BYE!!!!

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