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Lacrosse is Back!



THAT IS RIGHT!!! It is that time of the year again and the 19th Annual Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Tournament is about to commence. Yours truly RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER will be at the many fields through out Lake Placid commentating on all the exciting mens and womens action. This exciting event kicks off on Thursday August 7th and will commence on Sunday August 10th.


You will see these rugged and fast individuals slinging that little ball around with their small sticks with the nets from player to player. As well, as smacking each other around a little. (OUCH! I hope that moi does not get caught in the crossfire). (If I do please say a prayer for me…thank you in advance..hehe). Anyway this is a great tournament and a must see because it features players from all over the eastern coast. You will see individuals of all adult ages courageously hitting the fields. For further information and times about this spectacular tourney please visit their official website

I would like to hear about anyone’s great time they had participating in this Lake Placid tournament. So drop me a line on our GUESTBOOK because I am excited to hear about these wonderful tales. Well, time to hit the grass and get ready to get in on the action. Until next time have a great time and I will see you on the field!!!!

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