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Gasoline Savings for You!!!


That is right because we feel that you need a break at the gas pump, I, MS DEAL-MAKER have extended our great gas package. We feel that you should enjoy a vacation in the Adirondacks and not worry about the cost to fill your tank. So, in case you missed it we have been offering a free tank of gasoline from your trip to Lake Placid to the Golden Arrow. (No, I am not going out of my mind, it is time to give something back while you enjoy vacationing).


This deal has been extended until September 11th, 2008 and is available for an arrival of Sunday, Monday or Tuesday for a 3 night minimum stay. All we ask for you is to bring your receipt and as long as it is not above our estimated tank size, you shall receive that amount or the pre-determined amount off your room bill. So, please when you reserve a room mention this gas package so that you may experience this great savings…you will be glad that you did!!! For further information about this package and all of my great deals at the resort please visit Okay, time to hit the road and wind up some more great packages…hope to see all of you in your hybrids in the fall!!! Chow!!!

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