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Marathon Race



Hey everyone this is Rich your Sportscaster here coming from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort with another exciting event that is just around the corner. For all you long distance runners and who like to push yourself to the limit; we are hosting the Lake Placid Marathon. This exciting and exhausting race is taking place on Sunday June 10th. I personally would enter but they would be picking my body off the pavement after the first few miles!!! Boy, what fun that would be.

But, for all you get up and go getters, this is the perfect race for you and there will be lots of spectators and excitement all around to participate in. We still have a few rooms available for this coming weekend and I am sure that you would enjoy all the facilites that we have to offer as well as the luxurious rooms.

For further information about this exciting event please visit and get the start times and info about this exciting event. Not in the mood to race you can also register on this site to volunteer during the event.

Well, this guy has got to get going and start stretching and prepping for next years race. Who, knows I might actually finish the race next year. Well, until then this is Rich signing off and I will see you at the Marathon.

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