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Time To Start Thinking Bout X-Mas?

Are you thinking about that time of the year again? Yes, it is only four months away but I am sure that in the back of your mind you are thinking what to do and what to get. RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER here to tell everyone that yes it is definetly time to think about that upcoming holiday season. Now I know what you are thinking (what is this man out of his mind, it is way to early to think about the holidays the children just went back to school) but I figured it is time to hit on a special event that will take place in Pre-December.


The Lake Placid Village and ORDA are organizing a great event that will be taking place on the weekend of December 5th through the 7th. It is going to be called THE HOLIDAY VILLAGE STROLL and will be featuring many winter activities and festivies to get you in that Holiday spirit. Not only can you get in that much needed shopping for the Christmas season but also spend some much valued time with your loved ones in a magical wintery place. (Mother naturing permitting of course on the snow…we hope we hope..hehe) Also, quick reminder to not forget to visit the NORTH POLE at Santa’s Workshop on the weekends starting around Thanksgiving. Your children will not forget it!


So keep your eyes and ears peeled, as the time gets closer, yours truly, will give you the low down on this festive activity. For further information about this upcoming event that is coming in the near future please visit our website or Get those reservations in for this exciting weekend as you and your family will not want to miss this pre-Christmas event. Who knows the Big Red Man himself may stop and pay a special visit! If not then I promise that moi will come down the chimney darning the red suit….that would definetly be a sight to see. Well, for now have a great fall and we will see all of you back here in December for this great event!

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