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Fall Colors and Autumn Breezes


Yes, that is right Autumn is in the air and mother nature has been taking her yearly course of bringing cooler evenings. The leaves are starting to brighten all of the treetops and colors are abound. What a perfect time to enjoy a colorful panaramonic view of all the High Peaks in the Adirondacks. Of course, there is no better place than our very own Lake Placid!

highway_observatory.jpg highway_castle.jpg highway_stairway.jpg

RICH YOUR TOURGUIDE wanting to let you know about the perfect spots to hit for these great views and colors. First off why not take your vechicle down Rt. 86 to WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN and up the Veteran’s Memorial Highway. The views from the peak of Whiteface are breath-taking and the colors are so beautiful on a clear day. This is a historic 8 mile highway that you will sure not want to miss! (a nice cold beverage at the top is always the best…lol..j/k) If you do not want to waste the gasoline than I am sure that the Whiteface Gondola Ride will be right up your alley. Sit back and relax to the top of Little Whiteface and enjoy the views from this pristine mountain.

gondola_2775.jpg skijumps_chairlift1.jpg skijumps.jpg

If that is not enough for all of you leaf peepers then I suggest to head out on Rt. 73. Stop at the Ski Jumping Complex and enjoy a chairlift ride to the 120 tower and then hop onto a 26 story elevator ride to the top. From there you can enjoy the views of several of the High Peaks from the Skydeck. (Not for the light headed person who cannot stand the heights…but def. take the challenge because the views are phenomenal)! Who knows you may even catch a weekend where they are ski jumping off the 90 meter tower!

Okay! So these are a few spots to catch that foliage and believe me there are many more to see. For further info about these sights and hours of operation please visit What are you waiting for head to our quaint village and enjoy the colors of fall because they are starting to look spectacular. This tour guide is off to another task. (My work is never done but hey I enjoy it). Night all!

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