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Dogs are Welcome


Well everyone it is about time the pets get a say around here and now is our time to speak (BARK!! BARK!!)
This is SAMMY AND CLARK coming at you from our favorite hotel the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. Yes, you heard right folks pets are allowed to stay at the hotel.

For a small one time pet fee of $50.00 per stay and on the hotels third floor rooms, you can take your best pal with you whether it be canine or feline. Boy, do we love to chase them cats!!! Do you believe that part of the proceeds of the $50.00 per pet is donated by the Hotel to the Humane Society. Now that is barking right up my alley (WOOF). It is so great now we do not have to be left alone at home wondering whether our masters are ever coming back off their trip. We can join them right at the resort. If you would like further information about their pet policy please visit the website and get all the exciting information for the pets.

Of course we all know that we are the ones that make all the decisions; the peoples just listen and take to all of our wants, needs and commands. (Rolf).

Also, if you are a repeat pet returning the hotel, you might even get one of these neato bandanas that we are sporting on our handsome furs. So, please people next time you plan to visit Lake Placid; stop by the Golden Arrow and bring your pet along because they are very welcomed at this resort. Just take it from Sammy and myself you will surely be glad that you did.

Well, these old dogs gotta get going, there is a dish of steak with our name written all over it. Of course, our master knows nothing about it, and is ever going to taste good. Then we gotta go chase the mailman down the street, boy, do we love our lives. See you soon WOOF!!! WOOF!!!

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