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Why Not Wednesday?

OHH!!! LA!!! LA!!! It has been a long time but yours truly MADAME CUISINE is back in rare form and whipping up some delectable delights at CHARLIE’S RESTAURANT. It has been a great season and we figured why not give back a great price for a scrumptious meal. (MMMM!!! This is making my taste buds tingle. OH! La La!).


I am talking about the great deal called WHY NOT WEDNESDAY’S!!! Now I am sure you are asking yourself! What is that all about? Well, darlings, this is a great deal on dinner at a reasonable price. For Just $20 on a select Weds menu, you will receive a 3 course meal with an appetizer or salad, main course and of course (my fav) the ever so popular Charlie’s desserts. “THIS GIRL IS MAD, YOU ARE SAYING!” (No not mad just very pleased to offer a great dish at a great price) Do not forget to stop by the T-BAR lounge in Charlie’s for their great cocktails and martinis.


Let me know if you have any great culinary suggestions and drop them in the GUESTBOOK because I would love to hear them.

So, what are you waiting for? I am expecting all of you on Wednesday over at Charlie’s. “Sob sob” if you do not show. But, yummy yummy will you miss out on all the delectables to tantalize your gullet and tickle those taste buds. Back to stirring the pot and raising the dough…Ta Ta… for now!!! OHH LA LA!!

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