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They have been open for about 3 months now but I figured it was time to let you all in about the great new rooms at the resort! MR. NEUTRAL is back and I have sent those silly PRO AND CON FAMILIES off on an adventure so that I could calmly tell you about these exciting new rooms. (Boy, do they drive me up the wall…shh!!! do not tell them). MR. FIX-IT and his crew had finished up right in time for the 4th of July and unveiled these new rooms to the summer and fall guests. Wow! What a huge response we have gotten over these rooms. Okay, enough chatter here are the rooms.

We have our Romantic HAYSTACK room for all of you couples who are seeking a quiet and relaxing stay. (This is now my absolute favorite room!!!)
Amazing lake views from your private balcony provides a perfect place for sunset gazing. The easy to use gas fireplace flickers longingly in front of your king size bed with a pillow top mattress. There is an over sized whirlpool tub in the main bed chamber (along with a heated towel warmer-i feel this is a great and warming touch) & a glassed in shower with a rain shower head in the bath. There is also a flat screen HDTV (not that you’ll be watching TV-or should you be). This room has been a great hit among all of our new and especially our returning guests.

Next we have for the couple who is looking for the perfect room for two with a kitchenette and not wanting a lot of wasted space, TABLETOP SUITE.
You enter into a kitchen & living room with an open layout. The kitchen has a mid-size refrigerator, stove top, microwave, sink & coffee maker. You can look across the bar area into the living room with a flat screen HDTV & sitting area. The bedroom has a king size bed and another flat screen HDTV. The bath has a whirlpool tub with jets & a separate glassed in shower. One of the three of these rooms has handicapp accessibility where it is wheelchair accessible and has a roll in shower. Yes, these Tabletop rooms are perfect for the couple not looking to spend a lot of money out eating. Where they can cook in the room and save money for other important activities (like shopping).

Finally, we have the WRIGHT PEAK ROOM for the couple looking to snuggle up in front of a warm cozy fire after a hard day of hiking or skiing.
The view from its private balcony is of the Olympic Center and the highest peaks in the Adirondack Mountains (absolutely gorgeous). The entry foyer has a refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave & some plate ware. The spacious bedroom with a king size bed and flat screened HDTV centers around a gorgeous stone, wood burning fireplace. The bath has a beautiful glassed in marble shower. As well as the other 2 rooms this has been a favorite among our guests.

I am sure that all of you out there will love the new additions that have been added to the resort. I would like to hear about any new suggestions about other rooms that you would like to see or stay in, so please drop me a line on our GUESTBOOK.

Before the Pro and Con family return I just want to let you know about a new suite that will be available after the 1st of the year on the beach level. Many of you have requested this and we are giving you a 2 room suite on the beach. More about that in the future. Until now I hope that you will enjoy these three new rooms and hope all of your days are romantic and wonderful. Bye for now!

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